Monday, April 2, 2007

Seeds of Doubt

You know what I've been trying lately? I have been giving everyone that I meet, 2 positive Benefits of the Doubt until they have proven otherwise. Here they are 1.) Everyone knows what he or she is doing. 2.) Everyone does what makes him or her happy.

It really makes things easier. If you try this for 48 hours, you'll notice tat you don't try and think for other people & you don't try and guess the hidden agenda of everyone. It is also great for people with paranoia and ulcers. It even helps people remove their nose from other people's business without having to be told to do so in a "not so nice" way. That's just my opinion though and who the hell am I?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Another one is that everyone os good. Everyone should be viwed as good until they prove to you otherwise.
if you really do follow those ideals then it eliminates lots of stress. dont expect the worst from anyone, just dont be too suprised if thats what you get. Over all even if someone fools you into thinking theyre something theyre not, eventually they will show their real self. what have you lost? a friend? you can replace friends. its nothing that can not be fixed and you have learned something in the long run. You have learned what people act like who are hiding something. you know what to look for next time. its all about learning about human nature and taking people for what they are, never reading too much or too little into things. You are an observer of others. Thinking too much doesnt change facts.
-Lacey Peterson.

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