Monday, April 2, 2007

The new Schedule 1 word

Just a reminder; Schedule 1 words are words with no positive uses or medicinal purposes. The new Schedule 1 word is TOLERATE or any derivative of the word. This word somehow got a stamp of approval and people were convinced that it is positive, and TOLERANCE is something to strive for. I think the word TOLERATE implies putting up with or ignoring the way something makes you feel. That isn't something I would want to instill in my fellow man. Whatever we feel that we should TOLERATE, we should take a closer look at, to be sure we can't follow another course of action. If we can change our perceptions about it, we should; if we can't, then we should figure out why we can't. Instead of the word TOLERATE, I nominate using the word Understand. To Understand something doesn't mean that you condone or support it; it just means that you have taken the time to investigate and evaluate something to figure out where it comes from and where it may be headed. You didn't just brush it under the table because you didn't agree or approve. Everyone should seek to Understand and everyone would love to be Understood. Think about it; would you rather have someone say that they TOLERATE you and your opinions or they Understand you and your opinions? That's just my opinion, though and who the hell am I?


Anonymous said...

That ia a better schedule 1 word. But as an addictions counselor what word will you use to replace tolerance in your own field. It is not necessary to give the defintion of tolerance in addictions for you as you already know what it is, but I don't think you can use understand or understanding in its place. Let's try,
Counselor: has your understanding of cocaine increased over the time you have been using.
Client: Yes it has tremendously
Counselor: How has your understanding increased?
Client: Well I now understand that cocaine is a "hell of a drug"
Counselor: But what is your new understanding of the drug.
Client: To be honest I now know that I am addicted to it, and that it has created alot of problems in my life.
Counselor: That is not what I am asking, what is your understanding of the drug.
Client: I understand that I have become increaingly irritated during this conversation and would like to go find some cocaine.

What I am getting at here is the fact that yes eliminating certain words you believe to be negative may work. In some instances it is not possible, as the words you replace them with will not always fit. In some way you can find a way to make almost any word in the English language to contain a negative purpose if you try hard enough. Surround what people to consider positive with a bunch of negative and see what happens. For example Love. What if the activities someone loves to do are all considered negative activities, so everytime they speak of Love they are speaking of performing attrocities, making Love negative in their world. Thats just me and I believ there to be a flip side to everything. BY the way I know who the hell I am.

LadyTrue2u said...

Exactly! This word was much better. But, I don't think you can elimnate any words.

Personally, all words have a meaning/purpose. We may refrain and choose not to use some words. You can't replace a lot of words because it will take from the meaning, content and purpose.

Lets face it, without negative words - how would/why would one make or want to change? We need the negative words to become positive! Thats my opinion and I am.......Ladytrue2u coming at cha from deeperdepths

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